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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 8, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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leaving people wondering they will get home. among those waiting, this group of nine volunteers from habita for humanity which usually covers hartford and cecil. this time though they went overseas, they left for ke in, ya july 27th to help build a home for this man and his children it's an effort volunteers know goes brick by brick. rebuilding the airport will be a similar task. >> quite -- [inaudible] back to where it's operational is going to be huge. big. >> reporter: a huge operation that goes on some flights come in. the crew those as they are called still doesn't know when they will go out. they were supposed to leave yesterday they are now safely in a hotel they told people back home is great. waiting like so many others. >> really -- very soon and things work out really well .
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>> reporter: soon enough to send them back to do good work here at home. abc 2news. >> the crew is flying back on british airways. >> the flights could happen tonight but they don't know yet. >> other news, some news updates, he killed his wife and buried her under a slab in her backyard. now, robert jarrod junior will spend 30 years in jail. christine disappeared in 1991. he continued to live in the house with his two children. he remarried, had a daughter, last year he was charged with his first wife's death. his second wife filed for divorce shortly after. and the woman accused of hire age hit man to kill her husband took the stand in her own defense. in a plea to the jury she described years of abuse and threats. she explained how he put dog feces on her. she said she had no choice but
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to have him killed. the state pointed ud that none of the threats or abuse were reported to police. >> know the name of the two men who died when a boat flipped over monday off the coast of ocean city. william gogle was 57 from baltimore, freddy castro was the same age and from silver springs. two others were pulled from the water and survived. the investigators still trying to find what caused the 28-foot boat to cap size. $21 million is ono its way to curtis bay. the senator is excited about the long lasting impact it'll have on baltimore's coast guard station. >> it'll let us have guaranteed jobs for the next for to five-years and lay the ground work for many decades to come. [applause]. >> reporter: the money will be used to upgrade critical equipment like the boat that break up the ice, portion of the 21 million will also go toward repairs on the tall
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ships in the gulf and 82 military people and more than 500 civilians work at the curtis bay coast guard station. >> neglected and abused in arkansas. these dogs are going to start a happier life. ten dogs all shapes, all sizes, all available now for adoption in the area. they are rescues taken from a hoarder down south and now need forever homes. >> doors are -- they are surprisingly adaptable. they continue to surprise me with their resilence every day and they are no different. >> reporter: if you are interested in adoption contact the spca. they will charge between 120 and $10. >> new, getting your driver's license makes teens feel independent and gives them a break from that carpool. mix that responsibility with a temptation of a cell phone can
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be dangerous. abc 2news shows us how some are learning about the dangers of texting and driving >> i play soccer. >> football. >> soccer, i throw shot put and lacrosse. >> i play soccer. >> reporter: at the empty leadership conference sports is one thing that these students have in common. the other, is the desire to drive. >> i just got my provisional about five months ago. >> i got my permit. >> i haven't driven much . . >> reporter: but the combination of texting driving can be deadly so all state is demonstrating what could happen when driving while being distracted. >> i think i'm good driver. >> we do find that teens are confident what they believe are their driving skills. this is a great exercise to see the distractions . >> reporter: they put on glasses, got in the car up to
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45 miles an hour and texted. >> i almost got rear-ended because of my phone. >> back and forth >> you are going 60 in a 45. >> my goodness. that. was a parked vehicle we just rear-ended. >> you just hit a pedestrian in the intersection. did you see that? >> i wasn't wearing my seatbelt. >> reporter: with 100% failing. >> we had probably about 100 people so far, nobody has done well. >> >> i swerved [inaudible] >> i wasn't able to do it. it was hard enough to drive and not text. >> it's scary. >> reporter: afterward they signed a pledge and left a thumb print to show that in real life they will never text and drive.
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in laurel, i'm lamont williams. >> tomorrow baltimore city says good-bye to a legend. art donovan died earlier this week at the age of 89 and we have been remembering him all week. tomorrow we will have special coverage of his funeral, remembering art donovan starting tomorrow at ten right here on abc2 and we will also screen a special live online so you can catch it if you aren't at home. we have just learn that the eulogy will be given by ref rant joel irvin. you won't have a second choice on that. again the view tomorrow, we will air the view at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon >> coming up next we will go shopping with the comptroller. >> just want to make sure that the tax dollars -- [inaudible] >> how to make the most out
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of the state's tax free shopping week. >> and the folks who predict hurricanes are changing their minds about august but mike is not. he will explain why. . >> see that myself. 8 of at pwi. that heat and humidity fueling showers and storms, guarantee the 84. we have a weather winter who we will announce when we come back. give us your name at abc we are right back.
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. our weather bird camera. see the clouds rolling in and
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out just like all e rest of us today. wyatt has a complete look at the forecast coming up on the most accurate forecast in about two minutes. >> if our consumer alert tax free shopping week starts sunday and it's especially good time to stock um on clothing. in between august the 11th and 17th you can avoid the 6% sales tax on clothing shoe that costs under $100. the. >> if you are going to spend a thousand dollars sometime during the year on clothes and shoes spend is now and save $60. >> do it every day. why wait. jewelry and accessories aren't included, neither are school supplies and backpacks. the comptroller supports changing that policy but said only the legislature has the power to do so. >> back to school shopping is off to a slow start. experts who track sales say that most of us are being extra caution with our money because we are kind of not sure about the economy. shoppers stocking up on summer
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discounts instead of paying full price for items. the international council of shopping said there is still time for fall buying to pick up. retailers are banking on that. they count on back to school shopping to feed third quarter profits movement if you haven't finished or started some of that back to school shopping try to avoid going to the store on these days they are the most crowd of all the fall shopping seasons. august 11th. through the 18th. just around the corner, august 25th and september 2nd are closer to the start of the school year, unfortunately one of those days falls during the tax free shopping week so if you have to go out on one of these days try shopping in the morning when fewer are out and about. >> okay. >> good tips. >> gout me going crazy. i'm going, not, going. while out, you have the green light pick up some things for people really needing them this year.
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abc it is always partnering up with the young school. it's our back to school supply drive. here is how you can help. we are looking for things like backpacks and pens and pencils and binders, head to abc for a list of the items and drop off locations, the drive will run through august 22nd maryland's most accurate forecast. >> start off with the most powerful radar and you see the set up here. thunderstorm action coming right through the heart of the city right now. it's spinning down into northern -- reaching up the i- 83 corridor. tough evening because of the rain here on the westside of the beltway. beginning to lighten up. then as you go further north up war the jfx hits -- 695, into 83 north if you are trying to get newspaper to pennsylvania, rain there. here is the heart of the city where m and t bank stadium.
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it's the concert tonight rocking the house. going to be wet initially here, pregame little tough but this will clear out pretty quick lue because it'll come out wide one more time. not a lot of new storm action south. one cluster well west. it'll be wet for the next 30, 60 minutes -- i think you are okay with tickets tonight. down load it now. storm shield app, the watches and warnings and the radar, concert or elsewhere. take a look at the weather in motion for you. in baltimore, you see the set up here. cloudy skies, dominate from rolland park today. very overcast and there is that wet weather breaking out. the shower and on and off downpours, hit subpoena hit and miss stuff. winds are southerly at ten miles an hour. we mentioned our weather winner, here she is. congratulations, we want your name at abc enter to win the big monthly
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prize pack. at the beaches tomorrow hit or miss showers and storms, water temperature really nice. mid-70s. uv index, we think weather will improve as we go through the weekend time frame. better and better weather. not just for baltimore but for the beaches, we are in the upper 70s to low 80s. south breezy, steamer out there and that high humidity will stay as high if not higher tomorrow. up and this will be fuel for more shower and storm activity. in fact we think as we go through the overnight things quiet down. watch into tomorrow afternoon. quickly, seeing scattered showers and storms break out, more robust line, probably between two and six. certainly the evening travel plans up and down i-95 could be impacted and then clearing for saturday and improved weather it looks like it could be good this weekend if that front we were talking about could stall. looks like it will stall farther south. the front in motion, coming our
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way. basically slowly tomorrow, showers and storms fire ahead of that. beyond friday into saturday, front sagging further south. push be the steamy air out and allowing for dryer conditions. the front locks up further north over maryland. it won't be a nice saturday into sunday but projects as far south as we think it'll be improving weather. the tropics, big update on them. they stay quiet right now. overnight 72, tomorrow 88, warm, steamy conditions, showers and storms will continue into the evening we think. at least on the scattered basis. we will keep a morning shower in saturday but basically dryer weather will be the story into the second half of the weekend and early next week. back to you. >> come on in mike. join the party. we are hearing about some revisions for noa hurricane season. >> we are dropping names.
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>> we are all about the hurricane season. some revisions, it's starting active and now it's -- kind of -- [inaudible] they have made a couple of revisions for the outlook. take a look. >> we are just very, rain coming down feels like needles hitting the site and -- other than that it's great. >> only two months have passed since 9 start of the 2013 hurricane season and already four storms have caused damage. in early june andrea formed hitting big ben dropping tornadoes and flooding cities across the east coast. next came barry a rapidly developing storm forcing thousands to find dry land. by late july two more had developed dumping more rain over an already soaked area. the say son since then has been quiet. sahara air has invaded the atlantic preventing more storms
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forming. however the pattern for explosive storm development remains alive and well today noa said they will adjust their total slightly to reject the calm pattern but remain confident an active season will remain. they expect 13 to 19 named storms with six to nine storms maturing in to hurricanes. they anticipate three to five forming in to major hurricanes with winds above one hundred milessa hour. we are entering the peak of the season that favors storm development in the united states >> now to refresh your memory here is my 2013 outlook. at this time i still feel confident in it calling for an active season but not as crazy as some of the other forecasts have been out there. now the latest scans of the radar shows us that things really pretty quiet out there but one thing has changed. that is the dry air that's -- that's preventing storms across
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the atlantic. we think that the dry air will start to moisten up and i think we will see more storms. right now it's a lull. that doesn't mean it's all done yet. this goes until late october. >> i like a lull. don't you? >> a lull. >> hurricane lull. i like that. >> thank you. >> sure. coming up, parents now keeping up with all the apps our kids can use can -- it's a crazy job. not all of the apps are safe. >> new tonight we will show you how teens using new apps to hide their activity. what you can do to monitor the apps our teen down loads. we will be right back. oq3e!tk0
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. wick check of the radar, we have the concert coming but you have that line 30, 40 minutes, should begin to clear out >> we will be back at 11. yeah. >>
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this is "world news." tonight, to the rescue, intense floods in the heartland and high drama as a baby is cradled to safety by firefighters along with her parents who sought safety in the attic. other people calling for help from their roofs and the top of
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their cars. and tonight the fbi opens a cold case when this man learns a stunning secret about himself. barbara walters here asking for your help solving the mystery. crash news. can your car stand up in a collision? and real money. grab your old cell phones. we're going to put hundreds of dollars in your pocket in minutes tonight. and a good evening to you and as we come on the air parts of this country are in the middle of a kind of monsoon. more rain in one week than they usually get all summer long and all day we have been seeing families scramble to safety, crawling on roof tops where they're waiting for rescuers. abc's alex perez starts us off with the story of firefighters and a baby girl tenderly carried to dry land. >> reporter: it was a dramatic
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scene that had two tennessee parents in a panic. little lauren marlin, just five weeks old, rescued from her family's attic by firefighters, her father in shock. >> next thing you know we are in the attic trying to get the babies upstairs . it's hard. it's scary. you don't know what the water is going to do. >> reporter: firefighters wading though that chest-high water, clutching onto baby lauren's car seat to get her to safety. >> it was emotional. you see your baby and she's a new born and what are you going to do to get us out. >> reporter: across the area swollen creeks forcing some to the safety of their roofs and leaving cars floating on streets. rescue teams fanned out fighting the fast moving waters to get people out, not just tennessee, from arkansas to missouri, the heavy rain is hammering the heartland. over six inches of rain in madison, tennessee this morning,
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double what they see in a month. in wallace, kansas, the past 24 hours, 8 inches and the worst, rich land, missouri, 17 inches this week, enough for an entire summer. and, diane, tonight here in the nashville area there is still water rushing through these swal own creeks. at one point the water rose so high it carried debris and garbage all the way up to that bridge. this creek is usually only one to two feet deep. from the downpower to the fires out west. homes threatened. abc's cecilia vega on the fire lines for us. >> reporter: this came right to your gate and burned it down. >> reporter: the flames came right up to steve chittenden's fence, torching even the gate, all he could do was fight back with a garden hose.


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